Learning: A process of enculturation into the community’s practices. Kong, A., & Pearson, P. D. (2005)

From Ailing Kong
This piece is the talk that David and I gave at the 2004 NCTE Annual Conference upon receiving the Alan C. Purves Award from NCTE. In this talk, we shared how I was mentored into the educational research community and the important role played by “a composite mentor”, a collective group of several different senior colleagues who provide the right bits and pieces to meet the range of needs of a young scholar.… Read the rest

The Road to Participation: The construction of a literacy practice in a learning community of linguistically diverse learners. Kong, A., & Pearson, P. D. (2003)

From Ailing Kong
David and I published this article in Research in the Teaching of English in 2003. It was about how Ellen, a classroom teacher, engaged her students from diverse backgrounds in learning to read, to think, to write about and discuss about what they read.… Read the rest

Science? Literacy? Synergy! Cervetti, G. N., Pearson, P. D., Greenleaf, C., & Moje, E. B. (2013)

We were invited to contribute to this volume on science and literacy instruction in light of the NGSS based on an earlier Science (2010) article by Pearson, Moje, and Greenleaf. This piece was an opportunity to find connections among our various projects on literacy in science, which had been developed for students at different grade levels and guided by different principles and goals.… Read the rest

The impact of an integrated approach to science and literacy in elementary school classrooms. Cervetti, G. N., Barber, J., Dorph, R., Pearson, P. D., & Goldschmidt, P. G. (2012)

This report of a randomized field trial also describes the conceptual bases of what we came to call, Seeds of Science–Roots of Reading, a long term project of a collaboration between the Lawrence Hall of Science and the Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley.… Read the rest

Increasing students’ awareness of sources of information for answering questions. Raphael, T. E. & Pearson, P. D. (1985)

This is one of several studies that Taffy published on Question-Answer Relations.  In addition detailing the internal workings of QAR pedagogy, the study also illustrates a classic gradual release of responsibility pedagogical model. … Read the rest