The Road to Participation: The construction of a literacy practice in a learning community of linguistically diverse learners. Kong, A., & Pearson, P. D. (2003)

From Ailing Kong
David and I published this article in Research in the Teaching of English in 2003. It was about how Ellen, a classroom teacher, engaged her students from diverse backgrounds in learning to read, to think, to write about and discuss about what they read.… Read the rest

When portfolios become part of the grading process: A case study in a junior high setting. Sarroub, L. K., Pearson, P. D., Dykema, C., & Lloyd, R. (1997)

This book chapter published in the National Reading Conference Yearbook, 46th Edition, stands out to me as one of the more wonderful researcher/public school teacher collaborations of my career. Wow — the amount of work and thinking we did as we facilitated 8th graders’ understandings of the Michigan English Language Arts Framework standards at the time!… Read the rest

The CIERA school change framework: An evidence‐based approach to professional development and school reading improvement. Taylor, B. M., Pearson, P. D., Peterson, D. S., Rodriguez, M. C. (2005)

This is the last of a series of 3 empirical papers on the work that a team of us, led by Barbara, wrote based on our six year line of work trying to unmask the elements of successful reform in early literacy.… Read the rest

Moving from the old to the new: Research on reading comprehension instruction. Dole, J. A., Duffy, G. G., Roehler, L. R., & Pearson, P. D. (1991)

Jan and Gerry and Laura and I put this piece together after Jan left CSR (Center for the Study of Reading) and headed up to MSU to work at IRT (Institute for Research on Teaching)—I think???  Jan?  Gerry?  Laura?

We also wrote a companion piece in WRSTTT, 2nd edition:  Pearson, P.… Read the rest