1:a robust collection of scholarly work informed by, building on, or responding to work that I—along with a long list of dedicated, gracious, and invaluable colleagues & co-authors—published during my 48-year career.

2: this very website to which you are invited to contribute articles, chapters, works-in-progress, comments, photos, videos, and anything else related to reading research and education policy.

Help build a set of resources for current & future researchers & teachers.

You’re Invited

I invite you to submit resources related to the following themes and topics

  • The Nature of Comprehension
  • Comprehension Instruction
  • Comprehension Assessment
  • Teacher Learning and Comprehension
  • The Stuff of Comprehension: Reader, Text, and Context
  • Comprehension & English Learners
  • Comprehension as Critique
  • Comprehension & Composition
  • Policies that Impact Comprehension Development
  • Comprehension & Underserved Students