Tierney, R. J. & Pearson, P. D. Learning to learn from text. (1981)

Rob and I wrote this piece in 1981 for the first edition of Dishner, Readence, & Bean’s Reading in the Content Area:  Improving Classroom Instruction.  In the second edition in 1992, it was reprinted with a “revisionist essay” telling what we would change about it 11 years later.… Read the rest

A dialogical turn in research on learning and teaching to comprehend. Wilkinson, I. A. G. & Son, E. H. (2011)

An important and insightful historically-based review of comprehension learning and pedagogy.  An important critique of the strategy instruction movement as it unfolded in the 1980s – 2000s.


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Increasing students’ awareness of sources of information for answering questions. Raphael, T. E. & Pearson, P. D. (1985)

This is one of several studies that Taffy published on Question-Answer Relations.  In addition detailing the internal workings of QAR pedagogy, the study also illustrates a classic gradual release of responsibility pedagogical model. … Read the rest

Moving from the old to the new: Research on reading comprehension instruction. Dole, J. A., Duffy, G. G., Roehler, L. R., & Pearson, P. D. (1991)

Jan and Gerry and Laura and I put this piece together after Jan left CSR (Center for the Study of Reading) and headed up to MSU to work at IRT (Institute for Research on Teaching)—I think???  Jan?  Gerry?  Laura?

We also wrote a companion piece in WRSTTT, 2nd edition:  Pearson, P.… Read the rest

From what is reading to what is literacy. Frankel, K.K., Becker, B.L.C., Rowe, M.W., & Pearson, P.D. (2016)

This piece appeared along with several other pieces in a retrospective examination of the 1985 publication, Becoming a Nation of Readers by the Center for the Study of Reading in Boston University’s Journal of Education.  Many of the authors of the retrospective also participated in a symposium at the Literacy Research Association just after its publication.… Read the rest

An historical analysis of the impact of educational research on policy and practice: Reading as an illustrative case. Pearson, P. D. (2007)

David gave this talk at Vanderbilt University in 2007.  It was originally presented at the National Reading Conference in 2006 in Los Angeles, CA. The written form of the talk appears in

Pearson, P.D.  (2007). An historical analysis of the impact of educational research on policy and practice:  Reading as an illustrative case.… Read the rest