First Big Time Publication of Dissertation Work

Finished the D in 1969 but did not get it published until 1974-75 in Reading Research Quarterly.  That’s a long story that is told in a later piece with Kate Frankel in 2013 or so.

Pearson, P. D. (1974-75).  The effects of grammatical complexity on children’s comprehension, recall and conception of semantic relations. Read the rest

Some Thoughts about Figurative Language

I developed these ideas when I was thinking about writing a second edition of Teaching Reading Comprehension.  Never finished it (at least I had not as of 2018).  My ideas about what kids need to learn about Figurative Language before they leave the K-12 system.Read the rest

The Impact of Research on Educational Practice: Reading as a Case Study

I gave this lecture at Vanderbilt University in 2008.  The thesis is that it often takes many years for educational research to exert its influence on policy, curriculum, and classroom practice.  I used several historical and then current examples to illustrate this often fractious relationship.  … Read the rest