Early Articles in my Career

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This is the first article I ever published.  I like to say that I was the “l” in “et al”

Bormuth, J. R., Carr, J. W., Manning, J., & Pearson, P. D. (1970).  Children’s comprehension of between- and within-sentence syntactic structures.  Journal of Educational Psychology, 61, 349-357.

This piece was conceptualized and Implemented while Michael and I were post docs at UT Austin in the early 1970s.  Took us 4 years to find a publisher.  We demonstrated that, in terms of processing time, adding an affix of one, two, or three letters to a base word results in the same increase in latency in word recognition.

Pearson, P. D., & Kamil, M. L. (1974).  Word recognition latencies as a function of form class, stem length and affix length.  Visible Language, 8, 241-46.


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